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Since 2006, 3T’s Lawn Services, LLC, has provided customers the best quality products and services available. Our team consists of highly experienced, trained professionals who’s commitment to quality, and customer satisfaction, has resulted in our high customer retention rate, as well as referral business. At 3T’s Lawn Services, LLC, you  get 3 Times the Service and Commitment!

Our crew is composed of lawn professionals who are highly experienced and trained in the lawn mowing business. We always go the extra mile to provide quality service, knowing that a professionally managed lawn weathers the most difficult climate, filters outdoor air, and gives added value to your property.  Our top priority is to achieve beautiful results for every client; that’s why our customer retention rate is high and thriving. We provide complete lawn care services, from garden edging and weed control, to tree pruning,  planting and more! At 3T’s Lawn Services, LLC, you  get 3 Times the Service and Commitment!

What our customers say:

They have done an excellent job for the Preserver Home Owner Association by being dependable and working as scheduled to manicure and treat the home owner’s lawn. 3T’s Lawn Services has been taking care of the Preserve for more than three years. During this time, they have been mowing, edging, trimming shrubs, maintenance on flower beds and cleaning the streets. They go out of their way to accommodate the neighbors to make sure we are satisfied with their results by responding to any concerns in a timely manner. I am very much pleased with courtesy with their customer services. I am pleased with their treatment applications because they go out of their way to make sure the neighbors understand what to do after every treatment. There have been times we weren’t supposed to cut and times when we had to water our own lawn; 3T’s Lawn Services made sure we understood that.

James DeBose

I completely recommend Terrell at 3T’s Lawn Services for all of your landscaping needs. I have been using their services for several years now at the local Goodwill locations. I have never been disappointed in either the quality or the cost. Terrell and his team are dedicated and professional, and are not interested in doing something simply so they can charge you for it. Instead, they work carefully with you, and together you decide on the best approach. This is how a business like this should run. 3T’s Lawn Services is easily one of the best landscaping companies in town, and it would be a mistake not to hire them.

Brooke Gardner

I highly recommend 3 T’s Lawn Service. They have done an exceptional job on my 13 Self Storage facilities in Memphis. Always are willing to take on additional work when requested.

Lee Preble, DM Memphis

3T’s Lawn Services, LLC has been providing outstanding service to our facilities in Northern Mississippi and Memphis since July 2008.

Keith Chapman - Valued Customer

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3T’s Lawn Services, LLC

Contact us today to get the quality lawn care, tree pruning, landscape design and mowing you deserve! Not only will it add aesthetic value to your property, it will also prevent unnecessary maintenance work.  From mowing to landscape design and more, we give our  hundred percent and go beyond expectations!

PO Box 284
Ellendale, TN 38029

Phone: (901) 550-7789
Office / Fax: (901) 379-3600
email: threetlawnservice@yahoo.com

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At 3 TS Lawn Services LLC, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. Providing the...

Providing the Highest Quality in Products and Services

We Strive to provide our customers the best quality in products and services. As a...

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